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Project PRIORITY: Why it matters to the EGFR-positive lung cancer community

*December 2019* Project PRIORITY (Patient Reported Initiative On Resistance, Incidence, Treatment studY), is a collaboration between LUNGevity Foundation and the EGFR Resisters—a grassroots, patient-driven community dedicated exclusively to changing EGFR-positive lung cancer into a manageable chronic disease. Goal of Project PRIORITY To understand unmet needs of the EGFR-positive lung cancer…
December 20, 2019
Ivy_Ilkins - EGFR resisters group founder

How Can Patients Drive Research

If someone had told me when I was first diagnosed back in 2013 that I would be helping to drive lung cancer research, I would not have believed them. But, in my 4+ years of living with lung cancer, I have found myself getting increasingly involved in research advocacy work.…
March 6, 2018