Ask the Experts

Webinar series highlighting experts in the field of EGFR lung cancer. We'd like to thank Blueprint Medicine for sponsoring the webinar series on Progression and Resistance for the EGFR Resisters community. Also, thank you to CEC Oncology for your assistance with the coordination and production.

Webinar 1: Progression. Now What? Necessary Testing, Common Mechanisms of EGFR-Dependent Resistance, and Possible Treatment Strategies

Guests: Joshua Bauml, MD and Melina Marmarelis, MD, PhD; University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Webinar 2: I Have Another Oncogene Driver! What Are the Implications of This?

Guests: Zofia Piotrowska, MD and Catherine Meador, MD, PhD; Mass General, Boston

Webinar 3: What is Histological Transformation, and Can it Be Treated?

Guests: Helena Yu, MD and Joseph Chan, MD, PhD; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City