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The long-term goal of Project PRIORITY is to empower the EGFR Resisters community to have an impact on treatment development and future research. The Patient Reported Initiative On Resistance, Incidence, Treatment studY (Project PRIORITY) is a patient-founded and patient-driven research partnership between the EGFR Resisters and LUNGevity Foundation. The study team was interested in understanding the treatment experience of EGFR-positive lung cancer patients.

Specifically, the team wanted to: (1) Understand the demographics and needs of the EGFR-positive lung cancer community, (2) Identify areas for improvement in diagnosis and treatment,
(3) Give voice to patient concerns regarding risk factors, symptoms, and side effects of treatments

The baseline survey and the longitudinal survey for Project PRIORITY have now concluded and the presentations below reveal findings from this study.

Video: Intro to Project PRIORITY

Video: Perception of Palliative Care

Video: Treatment Patterns in Patients With EGFR-Positive Lung Cancer: A Real-World Patient Report

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact the Principal Investigator, Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPH, Executive Director of Research at LUNGevity Foundation, at You can also read the study FAQs to learn more about Project PRIORITY.