EGFR Resisters on Twitter

This week’s episode focused on one specific biomarker, EGFR. Our three outstanding guests, @jillfeldman4, @ivybelkins and Dann Wonsershare talk about their EGFR Resisters advocacy group and their personal experiences with lung cancer.

Take a listen:
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I'm a published author!

I was honored to work with
@joan_schiller on the 5th Edition update of her book entitled "Lung Cancer: Your Questions & Expert Answers"

It will be released tomorrow, May 3, 2022, everywhere.…

#lcsm #lungcancer
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I've been living with #lungcancer for 13 yrs, but I have been a 'survivor' since it killed my dad 39 years ago today at 41 (I was 13)
I've been on both sides & surviving the death of my dad (& mom) is still harder than me living w/lc
Our #caregivers need & deserve care too!
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@PTarantinoMD @itsnot_pink EVERY conference needs more patient #advocacy involvement. Listening to @jillfeldman4 being brilliant on a panel about #FindingTheRightDose in #OncTwitter #clinicaltrials, & wishing we had all included advocates in #MedTwitter mtgs from day 1. They are absolutely irreplaceable.