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FDA Workshop: Opportunities to Improve Dose Optimization: Designing Trials and Applying Pharmacometrics

*May 2022* EGFR Resisters co-founder Jill Feldman participated as a panelist in this FDA Oncology Workship:  3a "Opportunities to Improve Dose Optimization: Designing Trials and Applying Pharmacometrics; and 3b "Opportunities to Improve Dose Optimization: Assessing Safety and Tolerability." Current strategies for determining the recommended dose(s) of anticancer agents for evaluation…

EGFR Resisters and LCRF Research Partnership

*November 2021* RESEARCH=SURVIVAL! As you may know, we have increased our goal to $225K to keep fundraising for additional research projects that we will fund through our collaboration with LCRF in 2022. These research projects will be dedicated to EGFR+ lung cancer and hopefully lead to discoveries that will provide…
November 12, 2021

Words Matter

*September 2021* EGFR Resisters co-founder Jill Feldman presented how stigmatizing words can affect patients and their families at WCLC 2021. Watch the video presentation here.
November 11, 2021