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Epidemiology of Young Lung Cancer Study

*October 2022*

Given all the exciting news out of ESMO about mechanisms of air pollution coupled with EGFR mutation, the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer and ALCMI want to re-flag this study!  They are hoping to be able to do an interim analysis in time for ASCO 2023 and need more EGFR+ lung cancer participants to increase the power of the EGFR subset. Anyone in the U.S. diagnosed under the age of 50 can now participate.

Study Eligibility

This study is open to adults who were diagnosed with lung cancer before age 50 and have completed comprehensive biomarker testing. Only individuals who live in the United States are eligible. A member of the study team will get in touch with you to review the eligibility requirements and go over everything that will happen during the study.

How It Works

Once your eligibility is determined, you will be asked to fill out an online survey of approximately 200 questions to capture information about your demographics, medical history, active and passive smoking history, early life exposures, residential and occupational history, menstrual and reproductive history (if applicable), and diet and physical activity. You will also have the option to invite your birth mother (or father) to participate in the study. In addition, you will provide a small sample of blood. You will be able to choose your own provider to collect the sample or the study can arrange for the sample to be collected at your home.

Learn more or participate in this study here.