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Coping With Cancer
Coping With Cancer

Fear or Survivor’s Guilt?

By Juanita Segura for In the last 7 ½ years I’ve met so many wonderful lung cancer survivors and lost many along the way. Many of them I’ve became close with and bonded regardless of how far we are from each other. We manage to keep in touch and…
September 23, 2022
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Coping With Cancer

Podcast: From the Patient’s Eye View

*May 2022* Upstage Lung Cancer hosts Hildy Grossman and Jordan Rich speak with Jill Feldman, Ivy Elkins and Dann Wonser, EGFR survivors.  Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins, of the EGFR Resisters advocacy group return to share more about the work of their organization to help patients and their families. They…
Coping With Cancer

Making the Most of Time Between Scans

*By Ivy Elkins* All of us living with lung cancer, whether diagnosed at an early stage or later stage, have to deal with periodic scans. Those of us with metastatic disease usually have scans every three months, while others with local disease might have them less frequently. No matter how often…
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Coping With Cancer

The end of my life was killing me

*April 2022* By Annabelle Gurwitch, Lung Cancer Survivor My Stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis came out of the blue after I went in for a routine coronavirus test in 2020. In my first year of treatment, I made lemons out of lemonade, determined to squeeze every drop of whatever time…