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Coping With Cancer

Sometimes I Feel Frustrated

*October 2023* by Juanita Segura

Living with lung cancer is rough. Many look at me and tell me, “Juanita, you look so good,” or “You look so well.”

But they don’t know what I’m going through mentally. Yes, we try to stay positive and do positive things, but that’s a chore in itself.

Seeking a deeper connection

I wish instead of people telling me how good I look, I wish they would ask me, “How are you really doing.” I wish someone would ask me if I need anything or if I want to go grab some coffee or a bite to eat. Maybe even ask me to hang out with them sometimes. I might look well, but I don’t feel well half the time. Mentally, I sometimes feel like I’m going crazy!

People don’t realize what we go through, what goes through our mind, what we feel, and on top of that, we often wonder if we are next. I just want to yell at friends and family and tell them, “STOP TELLING ME HOW GOOD I LOOK.” Sometimes I just want a hug. Read more.