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Advocating, Accelerating, and Amplifying Lung Cancer Discovery: Lung-MAP Advocacy Webinar Replay

*July 2023*

The Lung-MAP Accrual Enhancement Committee (AEC) hosted this webinar which featured leading experts from the current Lung-MAP clinical trial to discuss recent trial updates, challenges to the traditional clinical trial landscape that Lung-MAP is working to overcome, and opportunities for patient engagement in the process. Importantly, the webinar featured a panel discussion among lung cancer advocates, (including EGFR Resisters’ co-founder Ivy Elkins) with their perspectives on these topics.

Lung-MAP is a cancer clinical trial designed to quickly and efficiently test new treatments for advanced non-small cell lung cancers – which make up about 85 percent of all lung cancer diagnoses in the United States. Lung-MAP is offered at hospitals and clinics all over the country, making it easier for lung cancer patients to participate and get access to investigational treatments to fight their cancer. Watch replay here.