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Safety, pharmacokinetic and clinical activity of intrathecal chemotherapy with pemetrexed via the Ommaya reservoir for leptomeningeal metastases from lung adenocarcinoma: A prospective Phase I study

*December 2022*

  • The treatment of LUAD-LM is particularly challenging and intrathecal pemetrexed is a potential therapeutic strategy for it, but still faces many obstacles caused by repeated lumbar puncture.
  • We performed a prospective phase I study on 33 refractory LUAD-LM patients, aimed at assessing the safety, pharmacokinetic and clinical activity of intrathecal pemetrexed via an Ommaya reservoir for the first time.
  • The results show that intrathecal pemetrexed at a dose of 30 mg via the Ommaya reservoirs on Days 1 and 8 every 21 days could achieve promising disease control and satisfactory survival with moderate toxicities in resistant LUAD-LM.
  • Our findings provide a feasible and effective option of intrathecal chemotherapy in LUAD-LM, especially for the patients who cannot tolerate lumbar puncture.

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