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Duma Discusses the Unique Challenges of Women With Lung Cancer

*June 2022*

In these podcasts, Narjust Duma, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and physician and associate director of the Cancer Equity Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discusses lung cancer in women.

Lung cancer is far and away the leading cause of cancer deaths in American women, accounting for nearly 20,000 more deaths in 2022 than the number 2 cause, breast cancer. Moreover, the American Lung Association says that although lung cancer incidence has dropped by 36% in men since the mid 1970s, incidence in women has increased by 84% in that time.

In this exclusive interview, Dr Duma discussed the leading causes of lung cancer in women, the ongoing failure to screen a sufficient number of women for lung cancer, and how gender bias interferes with treatment.

Listen to Part 1 here
Listen to Part 2 here