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BLU-945 Clinical Trial Update: Travel Reimbursement for Both Patient and Caregiver

*November 2021*

Note: We have been told that there is travel reimbursement for this trial, both for the patient and the caregiver — so interested parties should not be deterred due to travel expenses and should contact the individual trial locations/contacts to learn more.

From Blueprint Medicines:
Currently, there are no approved therapies for patients with osimertinib-resistant EGFRm NSCLC, and there is an urgent need for new therapies to address tumor resistance. BLU-945 was designed to potently inhibit triple-mutant EGFR harboring either the activating L858R or exon 19 deletion mutations combined with the acquired T790M and C797S mutations, the most common on-target resistance to standard EGFR inhibitors. In addition, BLU-945 was designed to be wild-type EGFR and kinome selective with the potential for improved tolerability and combination strategies.

“Our scientists at Blueprint Medicines specifically engineered BLU-945 to tackle treatment resistance in patients with EGFR-mutated lung cancer, and the preclinical proof-of-concept data we’re reporting today highlight the potential of BLU-945 to offer clinical benefit to patients along with a safety profile that enables combinations with other EGFR-targeted therapies across multiple treatment lines,” said Marion Dorsch, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Blueprint Medicines. “The recent FDA approval of GAVRETO™ (pralsetinib) combined with our rapidly advancing EGFR research program highlight our broad commitment to patients with lung cancer, as well as the potential of our research platform to address the evolution of cancer and enable durable patient outcomes.” Read more.

Visit clinical trial info page here.