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The White Ribbon Project: It’s Time to Change the Lung Cancer Story

*September 2021*

What is the power of the ribbon?
People are using their white ribbons to start conversations within their community, in cancer centers, and with other lung cancer advocates about how we can support each other and create a sense of community.

The White Ribbon Project is about taking power back. WE have to be comfortable talking about lung cancer before other people will be open to it.

Why the ribbon matters
Years of public health messaging focused solely on risk reduction has created a stigma surrounding lung cancer. The unintended consequence is the erroneous belief that those living with lung cancer are responsible for their disease, or that those fighting to treat lung cancer are fighting a losing battle. Incredible progress has been made in this field in the past 15 years and it’s time to make THAT the story about lung cancer.

The public doesn’t know the real story because they have never been told: ANYONE can get lung cancer. The project seeks to amplify the message that lung cancer awareness must include not only risk reduction, but also early detection, treatment, research, and survivorship.

The potential of the advocacy ribbon
The ribbon is a symbol of unity. As our founders, Heidi and Pierre Onda, note, every ribbon says “You are not alone.” The interactive process of building, asking, and sharing takes the project beyond public awareness education. In addition, the ribbon is bringing together the lung cancer community with high impact potential.

The number of major lung cancer organizations and cancer centers that have joined the movement is growing every week … is your cancer center and medical team part of The White Ribbon Project?

Become a member for free here.

Request your own free white ribbon here and post a photo of you and your ribbon on social media.

Follow the Project on twitter here. @TheWRP4LC