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ASCO Lung Cancer Roundtable – NSCLC – The SINDAS Trial: Addition of SBRT to a Systemic TKI for EGFR

*October 2020*

The GRACE ASCO 2020 Lung Cancer Patient Education, News and Updates series. Dr. Jack West has a virtual discussion with Helena A. Yu, MD, medical oncologist with Memorial Sloan Kettering specializing in Lung Cancer and Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer, and David Spigel, MD, Chief Scientific Officer; Director, Lung Cancer Research Program and Principal Investigator with Sarah Cannon. Drs. West, Yu and Spigel discuss trial updates in non small cell lung cancer. For this video, the topic is Trial Updates – NSCLC and the SINDAS Trial – The Addition of SBRT to a Systemic EGFR inhibitor (TKI) in EGFR positive NSCLC. Watch Video