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Coping With Cancer


*April 2020*   by Tess Taft msw, licsw   ©all rights reserved

 I have been asked to address the emotional impact for those of you dealing with cancer and also fearing COVID-19. What a huge task it is to cope with yet another threat to your lives! It can feel overwhelming when the balance you fight so hard to achieve every day, to find peace of mind during uncertainty, has flipped so it feels like illness and the fear of death have won the fight for now. How can you cope with this level of uncertainty?

 Well listen up, folks! YOU ARE THE TEACHERS! Finally, in this most unexpected of ways, the rest of the world has a TASTE of what you have been learning to cope with for months, if not years. You know more about coping with the threat of death than anyone out there. YOU are the experts. Here are some things you have learned along the way. May this list act as a reminder, not a new teaching. You already know this:

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