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FDA Grants Priority Review to Capmatinib in METex14+ NSCLC

*February 2020*

Positive news for METex14 mutated NSCLC patients. Note this is also good news for patients with EGFR-Independent acquired resistance after osimertinib. (Mesenchymal epithelial transition (MET) amplification is a common mechanism of resistance to EGFR-TKI treatment, bserved in ~20-30% of EGFR-mutant NSCLC after osimertinib.)

Reuters reports the FDA has granted priority review to Novartis’ capmatinib, previously known as INC280, for patients with “a hard-to-treat form of lung cancer.” The drug “is a MET inhibitor being evaluated as a treatment for first-line and previously-treated patients with locally-advanced or metastatic MET exon 14 skipping (METex14) mutated non-small cell lung cancer.” Novartis said in a statement, “If approved, capmatinib will be the first therapy to specifically target METex14 mutated advanced lung cancer, a type of lung cancer with a particularly poor prognosis.” Read more.