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Learnings from EGFR Resisters’ Project Priority at IASLC 2019

*October 2019*  Presented by EGFR Resisters Co-Founders.

* Hospitalization – While TKIs are superior to other treatments for EGFR positive lung cancer patients, there is still a large number that experience severe side effects that require urgent medical care and/or hospitalization.

* Mental health – it only represents depression diagnosed by a doctor, therefore it probably underestimates the number of lung cancer patients who actually suffer from clinical depression. And, since 40%-50% were diagnosed following their lung cancer diagnosis, with a high number of suicidal thoughts, it is an area that needs to be looked at more closely.

* This study emphasizes the importance of patient reported data and why it should complement existing clinical and research data. Only 5% of patients participate in clinical trials so real world data/patient report outcomes is a critical piece in understanding the true impact of an EGFR lung cancer diagnosis.

View presentation slides.