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New EGFR Resisters Multi-Year Research Partnership with Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)

*June 2021*

The EGFR Resisters is thrilled to announce a new multi-year research partnership with Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)!  LCRF is a large non-profit lung cancer advocacy organization based in New York whose mission is to improve lung cancer outcomes by funding research for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of lung cancer.

For 2021, we have the opportunity to partner with LCRF to fund a new two-year $150,000 research project related to EGFR positive lung cancer. LCRF will match the money the EGFR Resisters raise dollar for dollar, so we only need to raise $75,000 to make a difference! This means your support will go twice as far toward supporting an investigator who otherwise may have seen their work go unfunded.

RESEARCH=SURVIVAL: We need your help! Please go here for all the information you need to donate or start a fundraiser:

As a grassroots patient-driven organization, the EGFR Resisters is in the position to create project-based collaborations with numerous organizations in order to accelerate research and bring together the EGFR positive lung cancer community. We have now fully funded our 2021 Award Program collaboration with LUNGevity Foundation and look forward to sending out updates about the progress of the two selected projects shortly! We look forward to this new opportunity with LCRF as well.

To learn more about our collaboration, we would like to share our press release and a video from Dr/ Katerina Politi, the Chair of the LCRF Scientific Advisory Board.