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We Honor Allen Lee, Co-Founder of EGFR Resisters

*March 2021* By Jill Feldman

On behalf of The EGFR Resisters, I am heartbroken to share with you that Allen, our co-founder, passed away surrounded by his family. Please keep Allen’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

Allen was an integral part of creating The EGFR Resisters. He offered diverse opinions, challenged us to think outside the box, and always provided a calm voice of reason. He was an inspiration to our community, always reminding us of the balance between urgency for more and better treatments, and the Hope that new treatments have given us.

Allen was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2015 at 29 years old, but he always believed he would live long and well in spite of his diagnosis and was dedicated to making that happen. Allen married the love of his life Amy in 2017. Despite periods of progression and uncertainty, Allen and Amy refused to let cancer stop them from their dream of starting a family. In September 2019 their daughter Mia was born, and Allen died with peace in his heart knowing that he and Amy are expecting a baby boy in August.

The EGFR Resisters are dedicated to continuing our work to improving outcomes and accelerating research for people with EGFR positive lung cancer in Allen’s memory. RIP Allen, we will miss you!

Allen’s family asked for donations to be made to the EGFR Resisters to go towards our research projects at: To date, donations from his family and friends have reached almost $20,000!