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TKIs Set the Stage for Treatment in HER2-Mutant Lung Cancer

*January 2021*

Poziotinib, mobocertinib (TAK-788), and fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki (Enhertu) are among some of the agents that have positioned HER2 as a must-test alteration in newly diagnosed advanced lung cancer, explained Lecia V. Sequist, MD, MPH, who added that the specificity of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) could challenge the broad activity of TKIs as a frontline standard in the near future.

“In the EGFR space where there are such established TKIs, ADCs are being thought of as salvage therapy, but if an ADC gets approved first for a certain indication, like HER2 for example, then we’re really looking at a different paradigm where TKIs are then going up against ADCs. As a field, we could learn a lot by comparing and contrasting these different types of therapeutic approaches,” said Sequist.

In an interview with OncLive®, Sequist, the Landry Family Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and director, Center for Innovation in Early Cancer Detection, Massachusetts General Hospital, discussed some of the advances that bore out in 2020 in HER2-mutant lung cancer and previewed anticipated developments in 2021. Read more.