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Navigating Nuances in Early and Metastatic Lung Cancer Treatment

*January 2021*

The treatment paradigms of early-stage and metastatic lung cancer have expanded significantly in recent years with the addition of immunotherapy and targeted therapy options, said Brendon Stiles, MD, who added that challenges regarding screening, molecular testing, and localized therapy remain areas of ongoing research.

“I tend to be an optimist,” Stiles said. “A little bit of that is needed in lung cancer because it used to be somewhat hollow, but there is now increasing hope. Lung cancer has become so complex that it is hard for the layperson to follow; there are 7 frontline treatments for different types of adenocarcinoma, even aside from immunotherapy.”

In an interview with OncLive®, Stiles, a thoracic surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and an associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine, discussed his approach to treating patients with early-stage and metastatic lung cancer, the importance of molecular testing and screening, and remaining challenges in the space. Read more.