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We are a grassroots patient-driven community, dedicated exclusively to changing EGFR positive lung cancer into a manageable chronic disease. Our community of survivors and caregivers benefit from sharing knowledge and connecting with others who are experiencing similar journeys.

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Once you fill out the quick form, please look below for a longer patient survey.  This survey should be completed once by the patient or a caregiver for the patient.  All data gathered will help with our ultimate goal of developing new and better treatments.  YOU can help improve outcomes for all of us with EGFR positive lung cancer.

We look forward to learning as much as possible about you and your journey. 

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    Do you (or a loved one) have EGFR-positive lung cancer? Your voice matters! By participating in this survey, YOU could help shape EGFR-positive lung cancer treatment development and future research, ensuring that they address what is most important to the EGFR-positive lung cancer community.

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